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"Every year in May, a group of students from our school visits Ulladulla High School in NSW and participates in an English program. We have been working with ARET for about 15 years. Every year, before the trip, we exchange e-mails about the itinerary and program and in order to make the most efficient program as possible. Every teacher who has participated on the program has said that ARET is a reliable company. We especially appreciate Pam’s consideration of both students and teachers. She kindly and thoughtfully arranges homestay families, sister school connections and and students activities. Also whenever she comes to Japan, she visits our school and tells the students some important things for international communication. She is an important and invaluable business partner for our school. We hope we’ll meet again here in Japan or in Australia. We look forward to seeing students’ happy faces on our next trip arranged by ARET."
- Okamoto Sensei (2011 trip, Mikawa Junior High School)

"Dear Ms Pam Hello! Ms Pam! How are you? I’m fine. Thank you very much for all you have done for me. You showed me every kindness. When you were with me, I felt secure. Because you can speak Japanese and I could talk to you in Japanese. You are funny and very kind. So, I enjoyed while I stayed in Australia. Thank you for my birthday cake!! I was very happy. Also, you took me a lot of pictures. It’s my treasure. Thank you. The last day of university, you held a party for us. I was surprised and very glad!! At the airport, I didn't feel like saying you good-bye. I miss you!! In the future, I would like to go to Australia again. Then, I want to meet you again!! So, I have to study hard English. Thank you Pam. Good luck to you!!"
- Akane Miyamoto (2011 trip, Minami Kyushu Junior College)

"Hello everyone! I had a wonderful time in Australia for one month. Before leaving Japan, I was a little nervous because this was the first time to go abroad. I spent a great time with host family for 4 weeks. They were very kind to me and I was happy to stay with them. On the weekend, I swam in the sea, did BBQ at the beach, went shopping, making meal, and so on. I enjoyed not only studying at Wollongong University but also sightseeing- Blue Mountain, Kiama, and throwing boomerang, visiting the elementary school to introduce Japanese culture. I want to thank Pam. She helped me to enjoy Australia. I love Wollongong!! Thank you."
- Miho (2011 trip, Dokkyo University)

"I would like to thank you for your professional organization, coordination, and management of the entire program including arranging for the best host families. Everything went perfectly that the students and I couldn’t have asked for anything better. The students mentioned that you were a good sport to be around, and some are now planning to come back for further studies after they graduate. I’m looking forward to working with you and ARET staff again in the future."
- Timothy K. Olonyi sensei (2011 trip, Minami Kyushu Junior College)

"I have been hosting exchange students for 19 years. ARET make it a stress free and pleasurable experience for both students and families involved. My family has maintained many friendships which are still ongoing and have plans to make many more."
- Terri Scott (homestay mother, Horsley NSW)

"I want to thank you for organising so many nice things for us and showing the Australia. We would never have found such a place to buy meat or learned so much about the life people live here without you. Hope we meet again!"
- Jenni Ruohoniemi (Finnish swimming team)

"Thank you for great company and showing us a bit of Australia!"
- Petra Soininen (Finnish swimming team)

"Really cool!!"
- Thomas Chin 11years old

"Had a wonderful time. The rooms felt cosy and nice. Thank you for your great Japanese cooking."
- テニカ(Blue Hills College, Lismore, 2011)

- シェリ先生 (Blue Hills College, Lismore, 2011)

"I think actually meeting and talking to the four Japanese uni students was the best part, it allowed us to really discover what life was like for younger Japanese people. Also, I really enjoyed the tea ceremony."

(St Francis de Sales College, Leeton, 2011)

"My twelve Menai High School students loved the hospitality, food and games."
- Kim Kay sensei (Menai High School, 2011)


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